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Preschoolers enjoy music & rhythms as music can sooth kids of all ages and stimulate child development.Our Preschoolers would have a pure pleasure of playing piano throughout the year

Art & Craft

Kids have an open mind and they are very creative in what ever they do. Our Art and Craft sessions are specifically designed for kids so that they become more creative and smart. If you want to make your kids learn more, then Art and Craft is the way to go as the designs they create, things they make would be highly creative and smart.

English and French Language

A language is more than a bunch of words. French across the world is considered as one of the easiest languages for any native English speaker to learn. We at Learning Club teach every single child french as well as english language. Their confidence levels get a quick and superb boost when they learn any new language.

We at Swadhyay Preschool will introduce french rhymes and will emphasize on ‘Spoken English’ through out the year.

Jolly Phonics (UK)

Kids learn to read and write through interactive play in our Phonics based classes. We focus on every child and make them understand phonics in an easy way. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching and learning words, alphabets and paragraphs. We teach alphabets in a specific order(not alphabetically) using their sounds.

Etiquette & Personality Development

Its a training where children’s get to achieve their full potential by learning better ways to communicate and showcase their personality. Your child can easily overcome shyness, gain confidence and develop positive self esteem. Our main focus is to make them gain confidence by learning better and easy ways of communication and personal development.