Welcome to The Learning Club

The Learning Club is a one stop for Females, Moms and Kids of all age groups. We offer courses for females, moms and kids of all age groups.

> Cookery Classes

The Learning Club – COOKERY SCHOOL AT FARIDABAD’s approach to food is simple, modern and imaginative. We love sharing our ideas for delicious home-cooking , through our menus.

At The Learning Club the atmosphere is fun and informal. We provide the skills necessary to become a confident and independent cook and every cookery session involves tasting all the food that has been made.

> Table Setting/Dining Etiquette Essentials for all age groups

The Learning Club – ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF FARIDABAD is now conducting dining etiquette Workshop for individuals and self-organized groups.

    • Dining Dos and Don’ts
    • Understanding Place Settings
    • Taking Your Seat and Napkins
    • Stemware and Beverages.
    • The Bread Plate and How to Properly Eat Bread and Rolls
    • Rules for Eating Soup
    • Continental and American style Dining
    • Dealing with Unwanted Food
    • Passing Food at the Table
    • How to Eat Dessert with a Fork and Spoon
    • Toasting Etiquette> Art of Confident living

      > English & Hindi Handwriting Improvement, Speed Handwriting & Calligraphy classes for kids of all age groups.. in association with Write Right India – a division of Mastermind Tutorials.

      The Learning Club – Hobby Classes

      Dance classes for Kids and Moms..

      Drawing Classes

      Guitar Classes

We are based in Sector 29, Faridabad. For more information about our location, please feel free to call us at 88 00 622 255 .